Friday, August 9, 2013

A plug for a very good eBay seller and some great headphones – MEElectronics M9


I removed the tracking number …

Note the delivery date range. Tomorrow through the 21st. Well, they actually showed up in one day, two days ago. I had not really understood how fast this was until I saw it in the email they had sent confirming the order.

The item was a bit more expensive than other eBay merchants, but this merchant has terrific ratings and offers free shipping, which I took to mean first class mail. But instead, a Loomis truck showed up the next day and delivered the item, brand new in a sealed box. Wow …

About the headphones – this is my second pair, and I bought them because the first pair got washed in the laundry along with my iPod Shuffle. The iPod survived, but the headphones made a strange squeaking sound, so I ordered these. As an aside, I fixed the original headphones yesterday (looks like the rubber ear inserts were just loose) and gave them to my eldest, who previously had a set of Marleys that came to an unfortunate end.

So anyway … these have the microphone and a control switch, so they cost a bit more than the plain version (M9 versus M9P) … the bass is very strong, the mounted ear inserts work perfectly for me, but there are smaller and larger ones to fit most ears. The clarity of the sound is what amazes for this price point – they easily stomp the Sennheiser CX200 and the Marleys I used to use. Those were good, but these are simply better, and I can use these for Skype on my phone.

Just letting you know of a very good seller and a great set of inexpensive noise isolating headphones.