Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Steve Earle – Copperhead Road – Fuji F770EXR

I discovered this CD several years ago and I quite enjoy his style. Kind of a gruff rocker thing going on. I got the chance to see him in Winnipeg when I was visiting, so I took the little F770EXR along in my pocket and was able to shoot lots of images and film numerous songs.

I have not yet got to processing the images (I shot over 2800 images in 12 days and am processing them day by day) but I did process one of the songs I shot – Copperhead Road. The F770 has issues with AF but this is partially caused by my inability to hold the camera steady during filming. As always, I had to do it with some stealth because of the anality of most establishments. I eventually got the dreaded tap on the shoulder, although they were a lot more polite than places like the Scotiabank Center are.

Anyway, here is the video … processed in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 12 64bit as always … lots of audio work, nothing at all done to the video except downsizing to 720p (it was shot at 1280p but there is no point in pretending that it actually retains that much detail.)