Monday, January 4, 2016

Photo A Day #4 -- Macro 50 Zlotych Note -- 4 January 2016

Day 4 ... will this ever end? :-)

I wanted to shoot Jupiter today, but the clouds rolled in and I was stuck with almost no time left. I thought about what I could shoot and decided to throw a hack close up out there. Hand held with the Sigma 105 2.8 macro lens on the Nikon D90 at 3200 ISO by the light of a single daylight balance compact fluorescent bulb in a reflector (clamp lamp), so the image quality is a bit lackluster.

That said, I already new what I wanted to shoot -- a 50 zlotych (plural for zloty) note, from Poland of course. I like the fine patterns on money and have always enjoyed shooting money close up. With virtually no time left in the day, I shot several images at various focal distances with the lens set on 1:1 magnification. One of them came out sharp and I cropped that one quite close to give you a good view of the inking on it. Pretty nice looking note it you ask me.

Here is a shot of the whole note from a short distance at a bad angle. Again, no time for a tripod and a proper setup, so you get what you get.

I shot the image wide open at 2.8 and from this distance at this focal length (beyond 150mm effective focal length) the depth of field is very shallow. Sorry about that ... but the head of the bird is sharp and that was what I wanted. The close up follows ...

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