Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Again

Ok ... I can definitively say that I am not a natural blogger. You can tell that from my lousy 3 posts in January.

Anyway, we got a nice little storm at the end of January that allowed me to really try out the snow blower I received for Christmas. The message I received with this gift led me to believe that this is considered the gift of life ... or rather prevention of a premature death by shoveling. Since I lost an uncle last year while shoveling, I can't argue with that premise.

We got hit moderately ... maybe 20cm ... and the plow left a huge pile of the usual heavy snow and ice. This snow blower is 9.5hp, which puts it at the bottom of the heavy duty class ... i.e. it should be capable of handling this snow without me attacking the heavy stuff with a shovel to spoon feed the machine.

As you can see ... the cars are buried and the bank left by the plow is quite high. It came, in fact, to the very top of the auger cage thingy. But ... all worked fine and I was able to blast the snow to the front and side yards (after repairing the handle interlock, which would not interlock no matter how hard I tried.)

As you can see ... I cut a huge swath with the machine. The light for this image was much softer with little contrast ... obviously, the sun had gone away, but you can see the width of the clean area ... this machine is fun to use, no question. I actually look forward to storms now ... between the CR-V and the Yard Man, I'm totally covered.

So ... no real information in this blog entry ... just wanted to post these images and needed a story to go with it.

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