Saturday, May 30, 2009

RSC2009 Arrival Day in Florida

A nap took care of the sleep deficit (1.5 hours last night) and a nice walk around the lake allowed me to capture some pretty scenes in the beautiful late afternoon sun with puffy clouds. There is a photo group on Flickr for the conference, so I'm uploading my quick hacks (not my usual editing tools) onto that for now.

I'll load a few of the images here, but see the full stream on FLICKR.

Lucky me ... this is the view from my room at night.

Pretty Hibiscus plants grow at the Swan end of the tunnel to the Dolphin.

Tunnel from the Dolphin end facing the Swan.

Pretty lake facing the Disney Boardwalk.

These fellas are a hoot. The one on the right eventually fed that bug to an even bigger bird ... no idea how that works.

This lighthouse is a dock for the Friendship boats.

Beautiful white sand beach at the far end of the lake, across from the dance hall. Belongs to a very nice resort.

A Friendship pulling a 360 to dock at Epcot.

The boardwalk entrance near the Swan, with the dance hall in the background.

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