Monday, June 1, 2009

RSC2009 The Dogs are Barking

Second day at the conference is rather busy ... I hosted (proctored) four sessions from 8 until noon without a break, then prepared for my own talk at 4 (which went pretty well), then crashed for 90 minutes (still sleep deprived I suppose) and finally off to the reception.

The reception was the usual "heavy hors d'Ĺ“uvre" ... I had some little pita pieces with hummus and a small bun with fresh roast beast ... but the star of the show was an Idol-like contest where random people stood up and butchered, er sang our favorites :-)

I saw perhaps 5 people, but this guy (second last) took the cake ... he looked so much like a young-ish Peter Frampton on stage. It was pretty cool ...

Met and spoke with people from RTP, Haifa and Boston. Here are three ex-iLogic.

I then went for a walk around the lake. The water was amazing and I caught the jewel box effect, that moment when the ambient light and the lights of the buildings come pretty close to the same levels. You get some awesome images at that time of night.

Right beside the Swan Hotel.

A shot of the boardwalk just as you enter from the bridge near the Swan.

I ended up at Epcot, where I caught the grand display yet one more time ... but the angle I had was pretty good (still outside the park) and I got a few shots I quite like.

Wandered back down the boardwalk and stumbled upon my good friends from Dallas (Rick) and Houston (Nick.) I shot a couple of images of them, but it turns out that Rick is a blinker, and both images used flash.

After all that, the dogs are really barking ...

Update: Turns out that I have Achilles tendinitis ... so the dogs bark whenever I walk a bit too much, carry a bit to much weight on my back, or walk uphill. Last year, I could hardly get through 18 holes with the clubs on my back ... this year I've signed up for treatment at a local physio clinic. Here's hoping it works ...

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