Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EXR Camera Reviews – Will Anyone Ever Get It Right?

Just saw a CNET blurb in my inbox and the review of the Z700EXR ultra-compact caught my eye. This being a tiny Z series cam with an EXR sensor (that I admit I had forgotten even existed), I took a brief look.

The review concentrated on the touch screen and its fingerprint magnetism and then did a very brief discussion of the image quality at all ISOs and at 400 ISO against the F200EXR (should have been compared against the F70EXR with its smaller sensor.)

But the real kicker is that they went up in the ISO range without any mention of the mode in which they shot. Did they leave the cam to its own devices? Or did they set it up correctly? Which of course is P mode, half resolution, DR400.

Of course, we’ll never know and the review will exist forever to confuse people about what the Z700EXR can really do.

It’s pretty frustrating. I have yet to see anyone do a decent job of reviewing the EXR cams as a shooter’s cam … DPReview coming the closest I think.

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