Monday, March 1, 2010

Helsinki, Day 4 – Grim Weather

Snow, snow and more snow. Slush everywhere. The sidewalks are a nightmare as we walk towards downtown.

To top it off, I left the F70EXR in text mode and got some pretty awful images.

As we arrived to the hotel from the customer site, my coworker parked the car under the hotel and I noted this sign on the elevators as we were getting in.


This elevator is for those in a bad mood.

We worked a bit more and then walked downtown for dinner, enjoying some of the least pleasant weather I’ve ever had when traveling. My feet are still soaked hours later.

The trams are pretty cool … gotta say.



I cannot believe how long some Finnish words are. Like the name on this building.


The weather at the waterfront is pretty grim.


My luggage has not yet arrived. *sigh*

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