Sunday, March 21, 2010

On The Road Again – Jacksonville, FLA

Yup … just got back from Helsinki a short while ago and I’m off for most of a week in Florida at an Object Management Group (OMG) conference. My area of interest is the UML action language, known as Alf (specifically the Action Language for Foundational UML) … and yes, the alien of the same name that you 40 and 50 year olds know so well is our mascot :-)

Anyway, I have never been to Jacksonville before. Looks like they have a wicked zoo and some other waterfront attractions. Since I love water fronts, I am very happy …

I just realized as I was typing this that I forgot the USB cable for my cam, so no real-time imagery … sorry. More later .. or tomorrow; I land in FLA around midnight and there is every possibility that I will be in no mood to share the experience.

Update: I had forgotten that my laptop comes with an SD slot, so it turns out that I can in fact post images in real time.

Here’s a view of the street below me.


A nice area … looking down the river to my right, the blue bridge is shown.


Across the river, I can see a few nice plazas and hotels and such …


So far so good … I popped downstairs at around 1:45 and found out that the kitchen and everything is closed up, JAXX (lobby bar) is also closing … but the bartender is a really nice guy and gave me a coke for free, and one of the other personnel (young woman) popped over and gave me a bag of pretzels. Great staff … no doubt one of the reason why OMG always uses Hyatt. I noticed the same amazing service in San Antonio as well … maybe it’s a southern thing …

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