Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Sun Comes Out in Jacksonville

The weather was pretty disappointing when I woke up this morning … cloud everywhere. That lasted right up until about 7pm …

Note: As with all my Jacksonville images, these are straight form the F70EXR, shot with the settings I published in my how to shoot articles.

I hung out of my window before leaving for dinner and shot a panorama the waterfront. But since I have no image processing tools on this machine, I’ll just show the images at either end. Left, which is east:


And right, which is obviously west:


I went downstairs then and wandered about the front of the hotel at the edge of the water.

I’ve always been a sucker for palm trees, although I must say that they are less convincing here than in Orlando and various places in California.


There is an interesting sculpture just east of the hotel that makes my sphincter spasm when I look at it … see if you can figure out why …


The sun was getting really low and made for a really nice image from the water level … or more specifically the water front level.


As we began walking, we went under this same bridge:




There are manatees in this river, which means that boats have to be very careful …


The Jacksonville Landing has a small stage (behind me in this next shot) and several restaurants. This fountain looks very nice, even though it could use some dramatic lighting.


Dinner was at an Italian place, directly left of me in the above image. Chicken Parmagian followed by the best Canole I have ever eaten …


And a repeat of the fountain shot at night, showing how badly it screams for some lighting …


Now we can see the stage.


The group walking ahead of me … one of them is curious …


The lighting in this area is very nice … with the bridge brightly glowing blue, it is easy to create dramatic effects.



A pleasant evening … tons of conversation (these guys always work over dinner), a pleasant meal, fresh air, and being accosted for some spare cash on the way back … what’s not to love :-)

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