Thursday, May 27, 2010

D700 – Neighborhood Flowers

Took a half hour walk at lunch today and it was a bit overcast, so I thought I’d see what was growing in the neighborhood. I didn’t want to go too far onto yards, so this is a smallish selection.

I took the D700 with Tamron 28-75 since I really enjoyed that combo in NYC. The results were alright.

I started on my own yard because I noticed a butterfly in among my Ostrich Ferns. Here, he tries to run away …


He eventually lands and remains stable for a moment on a fern leaf. I am fairly close and I lean in, snapping as I go. These are all crops, of course, since I did not bring the 70-300VR along. Regrets … I’ve had a few … oops, NYC will be posted later on :-)


This is a nice time of year for my front garden. The ferns are very lush.


Some nice Peonys growing in a neighbor’s yard.


Across the street from there is the Bridal Veil Spirea that I’ve wanted to shoot all spring. But I waited too long … still, I shot it for posterity. No longer full bloom, but you can probably imagine what this thing looks like covered in tons of fresh white blooms.


Flowering bushes are always good for a closeup or two …


Some way down the street is a gorgeous Clematis. Since I don;t like walking deep onto yards, and since I was sporting a 70mm lens on a FF sensor, this is a heavy crop :-)


A few doors down is a native Rose bush … looks a little different from my Hansa Rose … there are so many varieties.


And finally, two of my neighbors are into the growing of Poppies. This is from the better of the two crops.


A nice walk and I can’t say enough about the D700. A real joy to use. 


r said...

These shots are wonderful, just a BIT more than 'alright.' That butterfly shot is EXCELLENT!!! And the Peony shot could be cropped as an abstract. All I got w/my 7D today was my son w/chocolate cupcake all over his mouth during his bday celebration at kindergarten. Your area is really popping wrt flowers. My Clematis are all but spent. Bought my first Spirea today ('Anthony Waterer'), looks like a carmine Viburnum - had no idea what a Spirea was. Saw it near a Peet's coffee and brought a sprig to a nursery. Bread Poppies are also finishing their course, so I picked up a baker's dozen for $1 ea (vs. 4.95). The weather is so wacky I've been breaking a lot of rules wrt planting times and it's been working so to heck with it, the poppies are going in the ground. Went on a heirloom flower kick. Nothing better to do after my banning. : P

Kim Letkeman said...

Thanks! I haven't done any plantings for years ... been waiting to settle a few things in my personal life. Sorry to hear about your banning ... I think it's a virus :-)