Sunday, May 2, 2010

HS10 Review Part 15 – Depth of Field

I’ve alluded so a strange phenomenon in other parts of this review where the F70EXR seems to have a narrower depth of field than the HS10 at equivalent magnifications.

This might make intuitive sense based solely on the slightly larger sensor, with the F70EXR sporting a 1/2” sensor and the HS10 sporting a 1/2.3” sensor.

The following example once again shows the phenomenon and I cannot explain it away using slightly different subject distance, which really matters in close with macro shots. I cannot explain it with different magnifications, since the two cameras were shot at equivalent focal lengths … about 270mm effective.

The site even says that the F70EXR should have approximately 1.4 feet of focus depth on the following shot, which I think you will agree is more than enough to keep everything in focus as the HS10 does.

Here is what DOF Master has to say:


And here are the two shots.





I just cannot fathon why the F70EXR can generate a bit of background blur under more circumstances than the HS10. The HS10 retains the obvious advantage of the massive focal length, but for more typical subject distances, the F70EXR always gets a slightly better subject isolation, and that can really matter.

Something to chew on …

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