Sunday, May 9, 2010

F80EXR – Garden Delights

The F80EXR was sitting there in tears because I carried the F70EXR when I went out on Friday night. Home alone with nothing to do but stew :-)

So I took it out for some garden shots today while there is still something to shoot. I should have shot velvia, since the light was quite soft from the clouds. But I didn’t … remember that I like captures that have flat tone curves so that I can do what I like during post processing.

Well, I was quite impressed by what the F80EXR returned to me. Here they are in no specific order.






Yessir, the F80EXR shoots nicely in the garden. I shot all of these at 300mm in macro mode. These are crops of 4:3 images to fit 3:2 (thought I’d try that again) and they are all full width. So this is exactly what you would see shooting at 300mm in macro mode. Excellent camera for shooting in tight quarters. Can’t quite do what the HS10 can do with its 720mm zoom, but then the HS10 can’t quite fit in a pocket :-)

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