Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DPReview – Bounced again – What is going on?

Yeah … maybe this is enough now. An argument the other day was prolonged by constant pointless baiting by the user mentioned by the moderators here. HS10.


Edit: While I was unable to turn the other cheek, I was *not* the aggressor … HS10 is mentioned here explicitly because he stalked me through several threads and threw bait at me repeatedly. What I just learned is that he was *not* banned, but I was as the responder.

Edit 2: Someone speculated today that Royslaw, one of those posters who likes an argument and prolongs it through the time-honored technique of tedium and obfuscation, has apparently been banned with me. And since I also had a few bouts with him earlier in the week (but not long ones I thought), maybe that's who the moderator really meant? Could they actually get that wrong? Is banning someone so small a thing nowadays?

Time to take a break again I think.

Update: Apparently not yet ;-)


Lili said...

Sigh, I saw that exchange.
What amazes me is that hs is not only not banned, but keeps on going, he is attacking others now.

Kim Letkeman said...

Lili: I've complained directly to the mods on this one. It is outrageously blatant ... like I have a nemesis or something ...

Lili said...

I think this **t is killing the forum.
I see fewer and fewer posts about anything other than the HS10 or flaming/baiting.
Whih is sad cause I love my Fujis and I love seeing others work with them.
On a more pleasant note, going to see Josh Ritter tonight and I will be trying out your concert suggestion with the F70; its the 70's first concert!
I had thought about taking the E-PL1 with pancake and doing some HD video as well, but I find if I have too much gear with I stress more about the gear and enjoy the show less.

Andreas said...

Oh good grief... This is, well, I don't know, I lack an appropriate adjective. And DPR's logic and reasoning escape me.
Kim, to be honest, think it's high time you had your own forum, or, even better, both a forum and a chat. A friendly little place you rule over, a nice little totalitarian corner... I'd like that, and I bet my shutter button I'm not alone!


billx08 said...

> I was *not* the aggressor … HS10 is mentioned here explicitly because he stalked me through several threads and threw bait at me repeatedly. What I just learned is that he was *not* banned, but I was as the responder.

I'm surprised that you seem surprised by DPReview's irrational actions. It's long been clear that the DPR culture seeps down from the top, and they seem to have contempt for those forum members that probably produce the bulk of their (Amazon's) revenue. It doesn't matter if you're right or innocent. They'd rather retain an aggressively abusive mob that knows how to keep just close enough to the banning borderline without crossing it than to any one individual who doesn't have as much passthrough/click potential.

I've also been a little too charitable towards DPReview's staff, excusing their nearly absolute non-responsiveness as being the result of being understaffed. They state that if you don't specifically request a reply to feedback, etc., then they won't respond. Despite several requests for a response they've *never* done so. The only thing that they appear to respond to is coordinated pressing of the "complain" button. The "good guys/gals" tend to avoid button pushing, so that tends to make DPR's moderators a tool of the better organized troublemakers and instigators that openly brag about "complain" button pushing and encourage others to follow their lead.

I've decided that the FTF has gone too far downhill to be worth posting to, with only occasional exceptions. Despite having a few good members (who generally have no clue how to appropriately deal with the troublemakers), it's infested with too many of these troublemakers (and a couple that seem to be indistinguishable from the functionally insane) to be worth more effort than occasionally scanning the new threads. BTW, I agree with Andreas's suggestion. Seconded!

Devo must have also have been lurking in the FTF because they've thrown in the towel, selling out. Capitulating to and joining the rabble, sensing that resistance is futile. They've regrouped and have released their new album today. Listen and weep or cheer, as appropriate.


r said...

Sorry about your ban.

(And my apologies if you have multiple posts from me in the hopper, hopefully the submit errors were bonafide and this is the only message from me.)


Bad referees miss the instigation and call a foul on the responder. The instigator, in typical style then exagerates in response to the in-kind foul, called a flop in hoops.

There is a lot of flopping going on. And fans are crying foul. But how they root or complain has more to do with fanaticism than facts.

They want civility, but act dishonorably.

GD said...

Hi Kim, you were so terribly well constrained to the point that if it was ever going to work for you then this time it would have. It seems your detractors will read into your comments what is not there for various reasons.

HS10 is new and has a major problem. I hounded him far worse than you did and Bushi and I had some fun with him.

I note that today he signed in as Zooom but after I questioned why it seems that part of the thread was taken out and he is not around. I suspect he may have been banned for a third time in as many weeks and if he keeps going just might rival your record.

Enjoy your sojourn (again) and hope to see you back soon.


Kim Letkeman said...

Thanks Andreas, Bill, r and Danielepaolo ... I appreciate the support.

Pierpaolo said...

Hi Kim,
I though you decided not to post anymore on dpreview. What did make you change your mind?


Kim Letkeman said...

I don't know ... probably a bit of boredom. I must admit, though, it's not working ...