Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day! (F80EXR)

Nick arrived back from a week in NYC and Boston, he had a great time. Saw a pair of Yankee games and a Sox game … walk off single to win in the bottom of the 9th with two out. Cool.

I spoke with my dad in Winnipeg for an hour this evening … a nice chat. He sounds well. Took the boys out for one of our favorite meals this evening … a bowl of Laksa, the wonderful light curry based Malaysian soup. The Singapore Restaurant down the sidestreet that is the same street as the entrance to the Coliseum theatre … don’t miss it if you are in Ottawa.

When we got back, Nick gave me a nice little gift he had picked up a month ago when they came around at Henry’s … fairly difficult to get, the employees had a shot at only a very few of these.



Yes, it’s a Canon telephoto lens hot liquids mug. Very nicely engineered with brushed aluminum interior and a silicone gasket on the tight-fitting lid. Rubber non-slip base as well. Very nice.

On the way in to the restaurant, I spotted an amazing stand of Lillies and caught this nice sun-bathed image …


And on the way to the car, which is parked behind the restaurant, the sun created an amusing shadow that looks like Nick is punching the top of my head.


They conceded me a photograph of the two of them together … only on Father’s Day I suppose …


All of these shot with the F80EXR with flash. A fine camera …


r said...

That Canon mug is awesome!

I have the website where you can by them bookmarked. I understand they were given to photo pros at the recent Winter Olympics and they were a huge hit. There is also a lesser 24-70 (IIRC) one that is black, but is all plastic. The one you received is definitely the higher end model. Same one I'd like. Hopefully you can find it in your hear to drink Canon, but shoot Nikon.

Tried to post to your F80EXR post (really well done BTW), but gave up...I'm having posting issues here, regardless of browser. Hmmm.

Nice shadow shot, I like looking for those late in the day, especially on grassy hills where the shadow can travel relatively unobstructed for long distances.

Andreas said...

That's one cool mug!
Can you adjust the length and opening to control for how long your tea will stay hot?

Kim Letkeman said...

r: Thanks, that shadow shot was a fluke, but I definitely like it.

Andreas: The length is fixed, and about as long as a typical 70-200 lens. The opening is a tight slider that locks in place, so it is well insulated and sealed. I think it'll keep my coffee or tea hot a long time.