Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Porch Climbers

Apparently, there is some sort of strange drink the younger crowd likes to make called “Porch Climber” … the point being that, if you get through a batch of this stuff you will be crawling up the porch steps on your hands and knees. The recipe is pretty simple … 1 bottle each of rum, gin and vodka; add a case of 24 beer; add two frozen lemonades to remove some of the obnoxious taste. I had a sip and almost gagged, but I am told that the first one numbs the palate and after that it is smooth sailing.

Nick and his buddies had a fairly loud party this evening to celebrate Nick’s last day of exams, probably forever. He should graduate in November.

Anyway, I documented the creation of the recipe with the D700 and the 85mm 1.8 lens … a favorite combination nowadays. Makes wonderful images.

Here are the boys posing with the ingredients:


So you start by adding the hard stuff. They purchased a brand new blue recycle bin for the container, which could have help a quadruple batch with ease.


The 24 beers come next, and of course they bought the rum with the slow pour neck so that just kept on going and going …


Rob had the pleasure of pouring rum for about 3 hours I think …


Still pouring … but the end is in sight …


The two-four took quite a while on its own … I call this the urine shot …


And finally, the frozen concentrated lemonade …



They almost got rained out as a strom move din. The wind was whipping up something fierce and a few drops even came down … but it was a false alarm. And yes, I did a little photoshop on the clouds (ya think?)


The pool was swimmable, although I had to do an emergency shock as I had lost track of when I opened it and thus had allowed the chlorine pucks to dwindle to nothing, which in turn allowed a bit of algae to show up … slight cloudiness only … I caught it in time.


As I write this, the party appears to have wrapped up for tonight. And they were all still walking … I’m impressed.

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