Sunday, October 24, 2010

A danger to him or her self …

On the way home from dinner and a bit of shopping, Jon and I were going through the traffic circle near our house, and we saw the most stunning example of stupidity I can ever recall seeing.

Someone was trying to make a 3 point turn in the entry port (split by a small triangular cement divider) to turn around. Presumably because he or she felt they were going the wrong way.

Now … stay with me here … he or she is entering a traffic circle … this is a circle … which means it comes right back to where he or she was starting, and conveniently pointed the other way.


So he or she was basically jammed into the entry portal sideways when it would have taken 5 seconds to simply go around the circle …

Duh … :-)

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r said...

We don't have a lot of those out here. The two they put in our town they actually RIPPED OUT because people were too stupid to slow down - they could not be bothered with adapting and slowing and instead were crashing over the curb as they sped. The whole point was "traffic calming," but amazingly they fought and beat city hall, so they road was "re-straightened."

There is a classic one in Berkeley that is a showcase for passive aggression and demonstrating lack of consideration for others. There is also a lot of "you're doing it wrong" evil looks a la when Mr. Mom took his kids to school.

However, back in Massachussetts they have a TON of these "rotaries" and they are absolutely rocket science to many who enter. As a visitor I am astouneded by the folks with MA license plates who just can't seem to negotiate the concept, let alone the rotary.

That said, I have never ever witnessed what you did. Truly stunning...Darwin, where are you when we need you?