Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Josh Ritter plays the Capital Music Hall

On Monday, 25 October 2010 Josh Ritter came to Ottawa. He’s a fantastic singer-songwriter that has captivated my boys and me for some time now. We listen to him all the time in the car. We got an excellent set from him, the set list being shown below, served up by the good folks at

Josh Ritter Setlist Capital Music Hall, Ottawa, ON, Canada 2010

The opener was Basia Bulat, a young woman who played several stringed instruments and sang very well all on her own. A powerful voice able to stay on a high pitch with power.


I enjoyed her stuff, although some in the audience were clearly just waiting for Josh.


Josh’s band is very accomplished … here is the lead guitarist.


I filmed four of Basia’s songs with the F300EXR and the ZS3. I learned a few things about the F300 from this … first off, that you should *not* use face detection when filming. The camera is almost completely unable to stay in focus at close zoom. Second, that the audio is finally pretty decent. It’s not up to the ZS3 in quality, but it’s not bad. I flmed most of Josh’s setlist and I learned that the F300EXR time limitation is a real killjoy for concerts like this, where he runs through the songs with no space between … the ZS3 did the last 54 minutes with no breaks … that is *much*, *much* better to work with.

Anyway, I will be publishing videos on YouTube as I get time … and will be updating this report as I do …

Part 1 – Lantern and Mind’s Eye

Part 2 – Wolves and a partial recording (finger problem) of Change of Time

Part 3 – The Curse

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