Sunday, October 3, 2010

F300EXR – Review Part 22 – Fuji Color vs D700

A couple of images from yesterday … shot during ASTIA-gate. A good study in Fuji color …

D700, processed with the ACR vivid picture control setting for Nikon … closest I could come to the overall tone. But the colors are still not quite warm enough.




Both look terrific at this size … in fact, give Fuji credit … the colors look really nice straight from the cam. Now, here is a case where the image contains no shadow detail worth worrying about so ASTIA works great.

A couple more images.



F300EXR (you probably noticed by now that I was shooting 3:2 yesterday)


The Fuji again looks really great straight from the cam … but how about the details? Are they really clean?

Well …


The D700 slaughters the F300EXR in a fair fight here … in fact, the F300 has the advantage of 3600mm versus 300mm lenses and of course the depth of field advantage as well. I even shot it in M3:2 mode to avoid corrupting its edges with NR-itis …

Just to complete the picture, let’s revisit the F300 and F70 shoot out from today. Here is the same building, shot much earlier in the day by both cameras set to different film modes. So I cropped the F70’s270mm to match the framing of the F300’s 360mm and then cranked the saturation and contrast to 11 for the F70. They match pretty well now.

F300 in ASTIA


F70 cropped and curved


The colors are cooler than the previous set because that late afternoon sun was burning the oranges into the paint … but these are a decent match. I obvoiusly would have had to spend a lot of time to match them exactly, but I chose to stop after a while and leave the F70 a tad cooler than the F300. I’ll do an ASTIA to ASTIA comparison one day …

Here are a pair of crops from the upper middle of each shot …


Yeah … both images were pretty much hammered by NR in the dark sections. A very good reason to keep the tone curves under control at capture time …

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