Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wintersleep Plays the Capital Music Hall on 28 October 2010

What a terrific concert. A few problems though, it was really, really long … we arrived (after a nice steak dinner at The Keg) at 7:15 or therabouts and we stood in line until 8pm, when the doors opened. We got in and I rushed up to the lounge while Jon checked his coat. This enabled me to grab the front corner of the right hand balcony, which is about the best seat in the venue. I gave Jon the actual corner and I stood on his left to get a slightly better angle on the band. Wow … it was simply awesome …

The openers were interesting … I will be adding to this section as I get time … we got Rah Rah and The Besnard Lakes. Two groups that are polar opposites.

Rah Rah played for quite a while … well past 9:30pm I think … their music drives hard and is very loud (the box office was selling ear plugs :-) … here they are, clipped from one of my videos – to be posted as I get time:


The Besnard Lakes is quite an intresting band, with a lead singer that immediately blows your mind. He can sing very loudly in falsetto … you do not hear that every day. The band does prefers kind of a Pink Floydy presentation, with a lot of smoke and back lighting. Here they are about as well lit as it got …


Another with heavy back lighting …


They played until well past 10:30 and we were getting pretty bagged … Wintersleep finally came on stage sometime after 11pm … you can see here that they brought a serious lighting system and the concert was very well lit. This is also The Panasonic ZS3 for the first time in the evening (The Fuji F300EXR recorded the openers) and the difference in sensitivity and smoothness really shows.


So … stay tuned for updates to this post. Eventually, I will post every song on the setlist, which I just spent an hour and a half creating from my full length recording of the concert …

Wintersleep Setlist Capital Music Hall, Ottawa, ON, Canada 2010

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