Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another shameful management debacle in a government department …

The submarine comedy was already a bad stain on our country, turning us from a distinguished fighting force into a joke in one fell swoop. That one came down to incompetent and political decision making.

The new super prisons, war on drugs and crappy fighter jets are debacles in waiting, and just watch how much money they p-ss away.

So what is on today’s menu? Immigration.


Our immigration minister suggests that Canada must now screw (my word) 280,000 people out of their place in Canada because the department is 8 years behind in its processing.

Now, I’ve seen that 8 year backlog number before and I consider it rather breathtaking. How can a department whose job it is to process immigration applications fall 8 years behind? The graph I saw suggested that this is actually quite a recent phenomenon … that it has spiked to these levels in much less than a decade. Basically, during Harper’s administration.

Apparently, the screwing of all the people who have already been here for most of a decade is intended to allow the department to handle more urgent cases that would fill current needs better. This is peculiar, since it is not necessary to summarily dismiss 280,000 applications in order to process more urgent applications first. That’s just a ridiculous premise.

If you look at the immigration numbers for the last half decade, it appears that we welcome about 240,000 to 265,000 new permanent residents each year. So the backlog is only about one year’s worth of immigrants. How it is that we consider that an 8 year backlog? Well, we obviously fail to get to approximately 280,000 / 8 = 35,000 applications per year. We should be able to fix that with 12.5% more capacity (people) or with a process that is about 12.5% more streamlined. And no one can tell me that we cannot find 12.5% fat in a process designed by a government department.

So what options are there now? Well, I think they are quite obvious:

  • They could adjust the process so that these so-called urgent cases are shuffled to the front, removing the excuse urgency to deal with the backlog.
  • They could streamline the process by 12.5% so that the backlog build up is eliminated.
  • They could hire 12.5% more people so that the backlog buildup is eliminated.
  • They could do all of these things so that, not only is the buildup eliminated, but the actual backlog is eliminated too.

Instead, they want to press RESET. The laziest possible way of managing a crisis of their own making.

THAT is the very definition of incompetence.

So instead of actually doing their jobs (the administrators I am pointing to now), Canada will give itself a terrible reputation in the eyes of the world -- unnecessarily.

So when exactly will these people (now I’m pointing to the entire department now) be earning their gold-plated pensions?