Monday, April 23, 2012

F770EXR Review -- Part 13 -- The magnificent zoom ...

Somewhere Over The English Channel
So there I was after less than 2 hours of sleep on the trans Altlantic flight to Frankfurt in the way to Stockholm and I notice a jet way below us. We were tracking for quite a while and the contrails started to form pretty strongly, so I thought I'd take a shot of the little fella.

If you want to know where we were, we had just crossed the coastline of England north of Dover and were over the English Channel.

Now remember that this is a strong crop of a shot taken and a sharp angle through multi-layer glass and / or plexiglass that is rather blurry on a good day. And yet I can read the logo. I did not even know that easyJet existed before I saw this image at 100%.

So the F770EXR's reach is just wicked for a camera you can pull out of your pocket. Seriously.

Note: The image was cropped and edited in Picasa 3, as I am nowhere near my main computer right now. This post was written on the main Blogger web editor. It's not bad, but I do prefer Windows Essentials Writer for the level of control it offers.

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