Tuesday, April 17, 2012

F770EXR Review – Part 10 – Macro closest focusing distance …

I was very impressed with the F300EXR’s hybrid AF, which got it extremely close to the subject in macro mode. The F550EXR gave up the hybrid AF and could not focus as closely. But the F770EXR, despite its rather normal AF system, is able to get to 17mm from the surface of the lens.

Not too bad.

Here’s the F770 doing its thing … I had a brain fart when I set the ISO to 100 and then change the mode dial to M mode. That reset ISO to what was last used in M mode, which was 3200 ISO from the ISO ladder the other day.

The F770EXR has adopted memory of macro mode across power cycles, and self-timer settings form shot to shot, two great conveniences (although macro mode across power cycles can catch you out as well.)

So why not add the option to have a single ISO setting instead of storing it by mode? It’s not like this is a dSLR or some other advanced kit. It’s a vacation lens, and when I switch modes I don’t want key settings like ISO to change on me.

Anyway, that’s why this image was shot at 3200 ISO and not 100 ISO. I lit it with a bright blue LED desk lamp and then used the JPEG, correcting white balance in ACR7. Thus, there is a lot of grain, which I did not bother to address.

F770exr  3200iso  f/10  1/13  25mm  macro mode  focus distance 17mm (measured)

I think that’s a pretty nice performance for such high ISO on a 1/2” sensor. The CA along the top edge was probably wildly enhanced by the very close very bright LEDs that were already blue, so don’t get too excited about the amount. Still, this lens has shown the tendency to add a touch of CA to bright edges, so watch your exposures.