Monday, April 2, 2012

Awww … the government checks off another box along the way to becoming an evil empire …

I’ve written about my lifestyle change recently … I am low carbing and I find it pretty amazing. I depend on the integrity of food labels to ensure that I don’t accidentally eat extremely unhealthy choices – such as very high sugars or sodium.

Well, Harper’s government wiped out the power of the agency that enforces food labeling integrity in their latest budget, which no doubt pleases the food industry no end. What a gift. Another epic fail for our government.


I shamelessly borrowed that from Dr. Freedhoff’s blog.

Try to imagine the tortuous period we are now entering for diabetics. They don’t just need appropriate labeling to manage their weight. They need it to manage their blood sugar. And eating food with misleading labels is not penalized by just having the odd surprise pound … it could mean the odd surprise coma.

Sheesh … will the heartlessly obtuse conservatives please stop abusing their own electorate? Encouraging rampant corporatism might score points in Washington, D.C. … but there are reasons why Canada is often near the top of great places to live, and the conservatives are rapidly removing them.

Read Dr. Yoni Freedhoff’s take on it here: