Sunday, July 7, 2013

Polaroid (PNY) 64GB SDXC – Not quite the speed demon I was hoping for …

I am building a new table top for the shattered plexiglass on my 7 foot patio table. Since this is the second table top to shatter, I thought I would go with the old standby --- cedar decking. Nice 5/8” x 5 and 5/16” boards on a frame of the same material, slung over the old table top.

Anyway, for fun I am filming it … I may choose to post a how to later on.

Today, I filled the new Polaroid card, so I copied the files to my hard drive. The speed started out as expected … close to 40MB/s … but it fell quickly to maintain about 20MB/s. This is not what I had hoped to get.


As you can see, the peaks come when it starts a new file and then it settles at a fairly pedestrian rate. Not that this is terrible, just that it does not meet the specifications that I was led to expect.

That was the first batch, this morning’s hour of footage, and the card read is sitting in the USB3 hub I have been using. For the second batch – yesterday’s 90 odd minutes of footage, I will hook the card reader directly to my USB3 extension cable and see if that changes things a bit.

Ok … I’ve let it run for a while and it is working a bit better.


There are more peeks and they are higher. The average speed overall seems closer to 23MB/s. Of course, this is nowhere near what I wanted and I now regret not buying the Transcend 600x cards for 100 bucks more. Still … I don’t really need that speed as my cameras are all humming along nicely on these cards, so I suppose we shall see what the answer to their longevity proves to be.

Be warned though … they are not as fast as advertised. But they definitely are as fast as the SanDisk Ultra 30MB/s cards, so you should be pretty happy with their performance for anything except extreme bit rates. Assuming you can handle the times to copy to your hard drive :-)