Sunday, July 21, 2013

Supermoon, almost …

This week has seen me shooting the moon several times, and the skies are so perfectly clear after yesterdays violent storms that I just had to shoot it quickly before I retired for the night.

I think this is one of my nicer full moons … I really feel comfortable with the 500mm Tamron mirror lens on the G5 now. It is pretty easy to get a great exposure and the images are really quite sharp. But as with any shooting of the moon, “seeing” makes a lot of difference, so you really need to shoot quite a few images and compare at 100%. You will find each having not so subtle differences in edge definition. It is well worth the effort to ensure at least one tack sharp image.

I stopped looking after examine about 6 of the 25 images I shot this evening (which is a quick process when you attach a remote cable release.) The latest one was better than all the others and there was very little room for improvement. I processed this one in color, since it was shot at base ISO and retained a lot of info in the RAW.

Panasonic G5 + Tamron 500mm Mirror  160iso  f/8  1/100

The definition of the craters is still excellent, even though it is almost full. there is just enough terminator to make the craters stand out. Remember to click on the image to see the 1000px version.