Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This video is truly “rich” … :-)

To me, it is absolutely axiomatic that the rich generally behave poorly towards the poor and take advantage wherever possible, tilting the table as it were at every opportunity. The stats on wealth and salary make that so obvious that it staggers the mind that (a) some people still don’t believe it, and (b) the rich often poo poo such statements as jealousy etc.

Well, the following video confirms the obvious quite nicely … with such axiomatic empirical evidence as:

  • Luxury car (e.g. BMW) drivers tend to be significantly less likely to stop for pedestrians (duh)
  • People who are wealthy tend to attribute successes to skill and not their huge wealth advantage
  • People who even think they are wealthy start to act like it (explains lottery winners)

There is an old joke …

Q: Why is an elephant different from a BMW?
A: The elephant has an a-hole on the outside.

And now we know where the joke comes from Smile

Anyway … enjoy.