Saturday, February 27, 2010

Helsinki, Day 2 – Burning time …

It’s been a rather pleasant day, I must say. Wake up at 10am, blog yesterday, nap, shower, check out, grab a nice relaxed lunch at Perkins (attached to the hotel) – including the best beef dip I may ever have had, and finally find my way to the airport and check in to British Air.


Since I don’t board until 8:30pm, every minute of today was extremely relaxed. Not a great trade for a day of acclimatization in Helsinki, but not terrible either …

Not too many people around 3 or 4 hours before a flight to London, though.


It is nice to camp out on a big table with the stuff all over it and a TV just above showing the Canadian men’s curling team playing for gold.


The TV is a POS, but so what … they have it nice and loud so there is no effort to following the game :-)

Another 90 minutes to boarding and I’ll get to see the magnificent 777 …


Or …


I wish :-)

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