Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Up In The Air – Movie Review


This movie has an 8.0 on IMDB … and the critics are uniformly positive on it. Well … they are right. The movie is simply excellent.

I’ve always liked Clooney as an actor, and this movie feels almost like a reprise of his Michael Clayton character. But in fact there is a lot more going on here.


I can’t say much without giving a lot of the plot away, so I’ll just say that the plot is a basic romantic comedy, yet with a strong dollop of drama. Some tragedy, even. He is cold, yet redeems himself. He joins the human race, yet must endure some of the pain that he has spent his life dishing out.

All in all, a well balanced plot with the right twists in the right places. I guess that makes it a little predictable … but so what? Most who have seen it seem to be agreeing … this movie is well worth your time and money.


His beautiful partner in crime and lust, seen in these images, is Vera Farmiga. I last saw her in The Departed (superb), but I am certain that I remember her best from Iron-Jawed Angels – one of my favorite movies.

His foil is the young Anna Kendrick, probably best known as Jessica in the Twilight Saga. We won’t hold that against her, because she does very well here. One exception … her big emotional scene seemed more comedy than drama to me.

Jason Bateman as his cold boss was also excellent. And watch for an appearance by one of my favorite actors … Sam Elliot. He adds a touch of class to every movie in which he appears.

So don’t hesitate. Go see it while it is still on the big screen. It’s terrific.

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