Thursday, February 4, 2010


I've decided to remove the content of this post ... the reason being that I realize how disgusting such pure filth looks on my blog and I prefer to rise above such nonsense. I will simply delete such comments during moderation from now on.

The Internet is beset by hoards of people shouting insults at each other and posting filth from behind the cloak of anonymity ...

The anonymous poster who loves to throw juvenile insults around has now attempted to comment on this blog four times in quick succession … the moderation function is working as advertized, as each of his attempts goes BOING! :-)

Edit: One or more anonymous posters continue to dog this blog with incredibly childish comments to multiple posts. Although the moderation feature allows me to trivially delete their comments before they see the light of day, it would be nice if their mommies would supervise them a little more closely.

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