Friday, February 26, 2010

Tigerdirect.COM … not the brightest bulbs …

I get a regular mailing from Tigerdirect because I have purchased form them in the past (the .ca variant) … but the emails I get are from the .com variant and the specials they give me are often offset completely by shipping costs.

Well, they are now offering Dragon Naturally Speaking 10, which they swear has a very high accuracy and speed.


I have wanted this type of application for a very long time … I even tried an early version of Dragon (before Nuance bought them out) and found it pretty weak.

So I was tempted by this $29.99 offer … especially after seeing it at the local WalMart for $99cad … this is a legitimate deal!


Well, first off, $25 of the savings comes in the form of a mail-in rebate. These are tricky across border, and sure enough it says in the fine print that the rebate is only valid in the US.

Still, $55 is not a bad price, so I go to the check out screen to check out shipping charges, and of course I am stunned.


$69.50 to ship a basically-empty box to me. Wow … that makes the total almost $125. After conversion, this is about $30 more than I would pay at the local WalMart.

Better luck next time I suppose …

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