Monday, November 28, 2011

Fuji F11 – Create a crime scene …

Just over four years ago, tore out the carpets in my youngest son’s room as preparation for a complete renovation. The room had  along history and had been used as a sort of gathering room, so it needed fresh paint, flooring, everything.

Then came the Photojournalism challenge on … and I thought it might be fun to use the bundled carpet to create a crime scene. I grabbed a couple of rolls and stuffed some shoes into the end, simulating the ubiquitous bodies and I processed it extremely harshly to try to simulate a back alley under a street lamp.

It took 5th place

I stumbled on it today, looking for something else. And commensurate with my age, I have completely forgotten what that was. Anyway, when I saw this image, I thought it might be fun to reprocess it and see what it would hold for me.

It turns out that it’s not a great exposure … I shot near a window and overexposed it something wicked.

Fuji Finepix F11    f/2.8  1/60  800ISO

Still, this is the F11, a pretty big sensor at 1/1.7” (the X10 is 1/1.5”, which is 40% bigger by area.) I expect to be able to recover minor blowouts, even if I can only shoot jpeg. So, feeding it into ACR I find there is plenty of head room in this file.

After calming it down in ACR, I send it to CS5 and work with thresholds and such to get a dark presentation. I run it through the spicify settings in Topaz Adjust 4 to open the shadows and draw out details. I then convert it to 8 bit and use the render lighting effects filter. I choose flashlight and play with the controls until I have something that a flashlight might see in an alley …

So … not bad … it is a matter of taste which one you prefer. I like the mood of this one. And that F11 is pretty good. This was shot at 800 ISO and there was no noise.