Thursday, November 17, 2011

Le Car Remembered

I was looking at the labels attached to my new snow tires yesterday – “driver’s side” and “passenger’s side” – and I pondered leaving them on so that I would not inadvertently get into the wrong side this winter. That could be embarrassing since there is no steering wheel on that side.
Sidebar: They are actually a great idea since the General Altimax Arctic are directional tires and putting them on the wrong side will dramatically reduce their effectiveness, especially on water.
Well, that of course was a pathetic  attempt at humor. But it did bring to mind one of my favorite jokes from way back when …

Do you know why Renault chose to explicitly label the Renault 5 with “Le Car” here in North America?

So we wouldn't take Le Lawn Mower to work.

Hyuk hyuk hyuk …