Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Muppets 2011

I’ve hardly bothered with reviewing movies over the last year or two, but I would like to talk a bit about this movie.


I think it has a pretty slow start … the first 15 minutes are a cross between “Once More with Feeling” and “Pleasantville” … they burst into song between incredibly naïve scenes from the 50s. Some of the scenes in the movie are so reminiscent of that Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode in season 6 that the movie appears to have been inspired by it. (Hint: have a second look at “They got, the mustard, out!”) I found that pretty interesting and it saved the very slow start for me.

But … the movie gets going after that and it really does manage to be funny at times. And poignant. I especially enjoy watching them break the fourth wall constantly. And I must say that Chris Cooper was excellent as the villain. His own singing and dancing scene at the end is the best of the entire movie in my opinion. I don’t want to leave Jason and Amy out, though, as they did a great job of both the singing and the dancing.

So it earns its high rating after all … be patient Smile