Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father’s Day Comes Early This Year

The boys got me the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Yes, I got it early as they are both out of town on the big day.

fuji x-s1  3200iso  f/6.4  1/55

That’s the magnificent Keurig B70 Platinum. This is a personal coffee maker that is always ready to spit out a hot cup of premium coffee in one minute. It is amazing to be able to get a fresh cuppa within moments of having the thought and to have no cleanup. Just toss out the K-Cup and walk away. And it does it very quietly.

This model, by the way, came from a Canadian COSTCO and it came with four boxes of K-Cups plus a sampler pack. That’s a couple of months’ worth of coffee around here. I also picked up some Green Mountain hot chocolate and a couple of different packs of decaf for evening consumption. I’ve tried some real coffee (mornings only for me) like “Donut House” and “Dark Magic Extra Bold” and I must say that this is a really fun and convenient way of trying all sorts of different flavours. Oh yeah, this model also introduced an extra large tank of 72oz. Awesome.

Thanks so much, boys …