Saturday, June 23, 2012

Who the FUKC are “Air Duct Cleaning Services"?”

These guys are like flies on shti.

They just won’t stop calling me. I’ve yelled at them a half dozen times over the last two weeks and they still call back. I have asked every time to be taken off their list. By law they are supposed to comply with that request. They are repeatedly breaking the law.

It’s an incredibly unprofessional direct marketing scam, as far as I can tell. You get a fellow on the phone who is in a loud room on a speakerphone, the line is so noisy you can barely understand. A sweat shop.

How do I get these guys off my back? Anyone know the right people to call in government or police services?

My humblest apologies for the swearing but I am LIVID!

p.s. They just called me again, although they did not come on the line. They use aggressive outbound call tactics, which is just another scummy behavior.