Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fuji X-S1 Review – Part 5 – ORBs!

I thought that I would have to go on a formal ORB hunt with this camera. Apparently, unlike the X10, it is not entirely cut and dried with the X-S1. Fuji require formal proof that your X-S1 has ORBs before they will replace it.

Well, I didn’t even have to bother looking, as they came to me.

The images I shot yesterday to show off my gorgeous new window tinting were rife with ORBs. Six classic ORBS – i.e. perfectly round with black outline and much larger than the specular highlights that spawned them – and three oblong ORBs that have the outline in two cases …

This is that image and it would be considered ruined by anyone with any standards at all …

fuji x-s1  100iso  f/4.5  1/850  -2/3EV

This is a perfectly good exposure and I processed it from RAW. The speculars are, as they always are in bright sunlight, blown out completely. But they are small and should not cause this effect, as we all know by now.

So those who have these cameras should be out there looking for ORB evidence. If you have a bad case, then seriously consider asking for the replacement.