Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A little chink in the Apple armor …

The title of that article tells it all …


It goes on, so click through.

The issue is that the iPhone missed its growth target. In fact it whiffed completely. And the other products appear to have taken a beating too.

So what’s the problem?

Well, I’m not sure but I’ll render an opinion for you.

Steve Jobs is gone. The company is now in the hands of a bog-standard executive who no doubt is dynamite at spinning the baloney in front of the analysts, but it is the public that responds to leadership. Steve was the man and the public bought in in droves.

Not so much any more … the lukewarm iPhone 4s is one example of the issue. They gave up a rather long lead to Samsung and the remarkable Galaxy IIIs. Of course, they could come roaring back with the iPhone 5 (or “The New iPhone” if the want to repeat that moronic brain fart.) They could match and exceed the specs of the Galaxy. They could enhace Siri so that it knows what you want before you want it (searching for patterns of course) … they could do a lot of things.

But then iTunes remains basically a POS, if a dominant one. And Apple software is probably going to get worse without Steve’s forceful leadership. So I think we are in for some really interesting times.