Monday, July 9, 2012

Back from Winnipeg … got published twice in the last couple of weeks … destroyed my 70-300VR and screwed up my D7000 … an interesting time was had for sure …

Landed a couple of hours ago … have not slept in 24 hours, and was up past 3am most of last week … but I had a great time and enjoyed my family immensely. My niece’s children are such a delight!

Meanwhile … some news from last week.

Robbi Hay, the editor of the “OurTown” section of the Ottawa Citizen, sent me two PDF files showing a couple of my images for the first time.

On June 28th


On July 5th


Very pleased with both. Both shot with the D700 [ed: originally wrote D7000, which was incorrect] and (now defunct) 70-300VR.

Next, I was at the zoo with the X-S1 and D7000 and I had the D7000 + 70-300VR on the tripod. I had just expanded the legs out to full height when I heard a Peacock behind me. I set the tripod down and turned around to shoot the Peacock with the X-S1 when I heard a screeching sound … the sound of shame and sorrow. My D7000 had hit the pavement on its back from almost 6 feet and half the lens was lying several feet away, with half still attached to the camera body.

Since then, the AF is way off on all lenses … so both the lens and body need to go back to Nikon for some serious (and no doubt expensive) work.

More on the accident when the images have been uploaded and more when I know what Nikon says.

Anyway … that’s all I can write. I have a few things to do to get the pool up and running again (forecast is pretty brutal for the next few weeks) and of course I must visit Henrys to send the camera to Nikon (or call them directly … we shall see.)