Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fuji S1 versus HS50EXR – Review Part 16 – The full moon …

I followed protocol today and got some excellent captures from both cameras. Again I released with timer simultaneously so that each camera had the same seeing in each shot.

Then I culled mercilessly using the compare facility in Lightroom. Only one image from each was allowed to survive …

And here are the winners compared against one another:

Open it up and you will see that it does not really matter how often I shoot the moon with the HS50EXR and the S1, the S1 will always simply stomp the HS50EXR … that’s likely to be the nature of the Bayer demosaicing versus that for EXR, which is probably something Adobe cannot quite perfect owing to the funky pixel layout.

Anyway, here are the candidates. These images are crops, but they are rendered 1:1 so that the actual pixel dimensions of the moon could be used to calculate the focal length were one so inclined.


HS50EXR L size

And there you have it. Both make a nice moon, but I would much prefer to see the S1’s results day after day … same for shooting macro …

Perhaps Fuji should consider dropping the sensor from the S1 into an HS60 … that might be really something.