Monday, November 26, 2012

G5 – Pho

Nick and I both love Pho, the Vietnamese soup that is so popular these days in this city. You find noodle bowl everywhere here and it is glorious. The local place that makes the very best Pho is “Pho Hoa Nam” (pronounce phuh hwa nam.)

Anyway … we grabbed a bit of lunch today and I carried the G5 with 14-42 X Vario PZ pancake zoom. Nice kit to carry around for street shooting etc. The G5 has electronic shutter up to 1600 ISO so the shutter shock issue with this lens (not everyone of them does it apparently) does not arise at all.

We both order Rare Beef with Rice Noodles and I always order extra onions. This is one delicious treat …

G5  1600iso  f/5.6  1/25

Looks like I had a brain fart there … f/5.6 is 1.5 stops slower than the minimum at 3.5 … hmmmm ….

Nick anticipates the glory while I grab a few shots …

G5  400iso  f/5.6  1/60

That last one was back lit so I had to pull shadows up a few stops. I think it turned out quite well considering. The Panny 16mp sensor is quite nice to shoot.

Money shot …

The rest are variations on the exposure. If you want to see EXIF just click on the image and use an EXIF plugin to examine the exposure info.

On the way out, the usual lucky Buddha … someone has been fairly generous.

Hackin’ a quick dart before leaving …

p.s. Anyone who feels the need to leave a comment on the dangers of smoking can please just not bother. It is all well known.

A surprising amount of snow lasts the day on the first day of any snow at all. That is simply not fair …

The G5 is a dream to shoot. So is the GH2 and even the GF3. These Panny bodies are really a lot of fun and the image quality leaves little to be desired. But then, I am used to shooting compact Fuji bodies with 1/2” sensors and these are miles above that.

The pancake X Vario PZ zoom is also really nice. I can easily tuck the GF3 and that lens into a smallish pocket and I only need a slightly larger pocket to tuck the G5 in with it as well. I carry the 3442 Tamron Rally Micro case with this combo in it and it is not even tight.