Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Panasonic GF3 – Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’

Was that clichéd enough for you lol

I blogged about falling to the ground in Stockholm and smashing the GF3 and the G5 to the ground with some force. Both survived, and the G5 is hardly scratched.

Not so the GF3. I went to Montreal with Mary a few weekends ago and we wandered about downtown that evening, eventually ending up behind the National Art Gallery to shoot the Parliament buildings from across the river. I had repaired the wrist strap from Stockholm by simply tying the ends together with a pair of granny knots. I was too lazy to go find a new wrist strap and replace it.

Well, guess what happened?

You guessed it. Boom. On cement, again. The knots came apart suddenly after weeks of service. Incredibly, the camera hit the ground in exactly the same place. Now it’s really smashed ... deformed would be a good word for it. The LCD has lifted in the corner and the body is crumpled.

GH2 + 14-140  3200iso (!)  f/5.8  1/60

The 14-140 has very close focusing, almost macro. I hand held this under old halogen lighting that was hitting the ceiling and spreading fairly strong but ugly light to the camera here. Note that the body has almost, but not quite, separated here.

GH2 + 14-140  1250iso  f/5.8  1/25

Here is an angle that clearly shows the LCD corner that has lifted. The body now bends away from the LCD quite dramatically at the back.

GH2 + 14-140  1250iso  f/5.8  1/40

gh2 + 14-140  1250iso  f/5.8  1/25

The bottom line is that you could do a lot worse than the GF3. Tough as nails.

Also note that Future Shop are still selling this body with the pancake 14-42 X Vario PZ Power OIS lens for the incredibly low price of 429cad.