Monday, November 26, 2012


Woke up this morning to a huge blanket of snow. It’s pretty enough, but I was not ready to move into the “winter” mode yet. *sigh*

GH2 poked out an upper floor window …

GH2  160iso  f/4  1/800  +2/3ev

Note that I set white balance to make the shadows neutral, as I dislike bright blue shadows (they naturally pick up the open sky color, but the camera is not as good as your eyes to see them as neutral colors.) What this does is turn the snow color warm … which is actually not far off from what you see when you look at it. I decided also to shoot with compensation up 2/3 stops in order to get more open shadows.

GH2  160iso  f/4  1/1250  +2/3ev

Note also that I am shooting wide open. This kit lens is still new to me and I like to see how sharp they are wide open before I start tailoring my shooting. I am quite impressed so far as I am not tempted to stop down for sharpness, so the subject isolation is maximized. Good on Panasonic for this lens.

gh2  160iso  f/4  1/640  +2/3ev

Looking straight down on the steps below me … these lead to the dining room.

gh2  160iso  f/4.7  1/1000  +2/3ev

Zoomed in a bit, hence aperture got a bit smaller. Here I zoom to max (280 EFL) … the details are nicely rendered I think.

gh2  f/5.8  1/320  +2/3ev

gh2  f/5.8  1/250  +2/3ev

I think that last one is a bit dark … oh well.

Here’s a hot near the fence on the inside of my yard toward the rest of the street (I’m on a corner lot) …

gh2  160iso  f/5.8  1/320  +2/3ev

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