Friday, November 21, 2014

Phone Scammers

There are one of the many scourges of the modern world. They set up in places where they cannot be held to our marketing laws and they hire people who are effectively wage slaves. We treat those people badly on the phone when in fact we should be tossing their bosses in jail …

The worst group I have encountered is the air duct cleaning people. They tend to be relentless, although I must say that they have slowed the pace of their calling recently.

Meanwhile, I received a really peculiar call this morning … and here is the transcript. See if you can figure out what was peculiar about it ….

Ring, ring.

Me: Hello?
Him: Hello, this is credit-card services. I am calling you about your credit card. Is that all right?

Me: No, it is not all right. You did not identify yourself as VISA nor as my bank. So why on earth would you be calling me?

Me: Excuse me?



He seriously said that. Perhaps it was one of the bosses having a moment of veracity … we will never know …