Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I met with Charlotte's mother yesterday and we had a nice chat and looked over the 19 prints I'd made for consideration for Charlotte's portfolio. She was very pleased with them and I thought I'd post a couple of updated classic images and one new image ...

Charlotte is still quite young ... in her mid-teens, and yet she carries herself like a mature woman. This, coupled with her striking, even chiseled features, screams high fashion model to me.

I touched up one of the marina images to print it in 8x10 format. It remains unusually striking, and is one of or perhaps the best image I have ever recorded.

I added this to the set of images, it had not been processed before. I felt that Charlotte should also have more of an "in situ" pose here ... perhaps the kind of thing one might put on a sailing magazine cover.

And finally, I cleaned up a few parts of an image in the Byward Market. It's pretty nice ...

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