Friday, November 27, 2009

Wonderful Ballet -- Nutcracker

The Nutcracker ballet is a beautiful affair ... wonderful music (duh) and terrific dance. Poignant, yet funny and happy. I attended tonight with a friend at a smallish theater in my town. Seats perhaps 300, so not a local theater, in fact it is in our town center.

We started the evening at Baan Thai, a nice little restaurant near the theater. Chinese Broccoli in garlic sauce and Pad Thai ... very tasty. We popped over to the theater about 10 minutes from opening curtain and our seats were the last ones open in our row ... which was the front row, two seats off center. Wow ... what a stunning view of the dancers.

They use children in this production quite extensively, and kudos to them ... no glaring errors and lots of fun. The principle dancers were pretty stunning, their strength blew my mind. I won't go into any detail as there is tons of information on the web. It's just a lovely time. The ending should draw a tear ... if it fails to, have your heart checked as it might not be beating.

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