Thursday, December 13, 2012

Video Log 2 – “The Woods”

Popped into the local woods yesterday for a brief look at a wooden bird feeder that used to be a reliable source of Chickadees in winter. It was no longer there, so I plunked down a small tripod with GH2 and 14-140 G Vario Mega OIS all in one lens and shot a (shorter) second video log.

This one could have been entitled “the ramble 2” or “the ramble too” but I do show the compactness of the GF3 and 45mm 1.8 as well as several images shot with the GF3 and the G5 with the SIgma on it. I also show the 100-300 in action.

All this takes place with a soft snowfall amidst the sound of birds and other nature stuff … however, I must apologize for the sound. I used the GH2’s microphones only and the sound varies tremendously depending on where I am standing and / or facing at the time. I had to do a lot of editing of the soundtrack to (mostly) equalize volume. A lesson learned, as I will be acquiring a lavalier clip on microphone as soon as possible.

All in all, a fun little clip to make. Hope you don’t hate it like it Smile