Friday, December 28, 2012

Camera Sizes

A rather interesting site was linked in a forum post today … … a unique site with many bodies and lenses that allow you to compare portability etc. So here are some of my current combinations …

click image to go to the site

At left is the Fujifilm F770EXR, which is in Ottawa and is just waiting at the post office to be distributed on Monday I suppose. Bummer that it missed the deadline this morning, arriving at the final postal facility around 9:45am. Anyway, I grabbed one at a very low price, brand new with warranty, so that I could again shoot concerts from anywhere in the stands. My F550EXR served me very well, and this camera has much more reach and the same excellent sensor. In fact, Fuji say it is even a bit more efficient.

Next to that one is the tiny GF3 with the kit lens it came with. Decent image quality outdoors and very pocketable with a coat.

Then comes the middle child, my GX1 with the Sigma 19mm 2.8. This is currently my most used body for pocketable imagery.

Then come two images with the G5 and the 14-140 all in one, with the 100-300 next to it. That one is a birder’s paradise … fairly small with amazing reach. They don’t have the GH2 image, or that would have been used here.

So enjoy the site. It might help you decide what to buy to suit your lifestyle.