Friday, March 29, 2013

Avantree Hive Bluetooth Headset

Caught a sale on these for 36 bucks and had been looking for a decent set of wireless headphones that could do music and phone calls while not sounding like crap.

I found these on sale on the MobileFun web site in Canada (they have local sites in several places) for $34.99 …


… and since they have pretty good ratings everywhere, I took a flyer on them.

Three and a bit weeks later (they seem to have shipped Royal Mail from the UK) they arrived today (or maybe yesterday, I did not walk over to the mail box.)

And they are very small, don’t pinch, yet sound like real headphones when playing music from my Galaxy SIII … very clean, if a bit subdued.

DSCF7059_FinePix HS50EXR_25 mm_ISO 800_1-15 sec at f - 7.1
HS50EXR  800iso  f/7.1  1/15

For the price, they are keepers. While the volume could be louder, phone calls sound good and music sounds great. Can’t beat that.