Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Who doesn’t love corporate greed :-/

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Microsoft tried the old “we will sell you licenses for your software, but once you let the license even touch a device, it sticks there forever and you have to buy a new license even if the device breaks the very next day” gambit. An ode, nay, a veritable tribute to corporate avarice and the attendant larcenous policies.

Was that laid in thick enough one wonders?

Anyway, the customers screamed and the company relented. Aw shucks, I guess ripping people off isn’t always the path to making friends and influencing people …

By the way, I’ve always liked Microsoft and their products. I am a subscriber for Office 365 and am very happy with it. But even the best companies fall prey to avarice as the result of rampant corporatism now and then and need a good slap from the customers to remember who pays the freight …